BDT-TEA - Organic English Breakfast Tea

Product Description

Organic English Breakfast Tea comes from high quality freshly picked Ceylon tea grown in high mountain estate of Sri Lanka. The taste of this English Breakfast morning tea will perk you up. 

Ingredients: Organic English Breakfast black tea. 

Grade: FBOP

Tasting Notes: Bold full bodied flavor by its own. You may also add milk and sugar for sweeter lighter notes. 

Caffeine: Per USDA black tea has approximately 47 mg of caffeine per per 8 fl. oz cup.  The longer you steep the higher the caffeine content. 

Steep: 3-4 Minutes.  

Amount: 1 Full tsp. 6 oz of 195ºF (90ºC) hot water.

Available in: 

100 Grams (3.5 oz) 


$ 10.95

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