Thoughtful Gifts

Our farm has become our creative playground. The lavender, roses, tea, butterflies, bees, birds and other living elements have become our regular companion inspiring us with "Thoughtful Expressions of Nature."  We thoughtfully designed exclusive products we think are worth sharing.  As nature inspires art and beautiful music in our hearts, our signature collection is full of music, colors, stunning details, and unique artful designs reflecting the immense beauty of nature around us.

This signature exclusive collection brings back the magic of handmade, hand-blown and hand-painted products. At senior age, our creative imagination has been refreshed, renewed, and sharpened by nature.  All the designs are based upon natural elements we see in and around our farm.  

Thoughtful Gifts available only at Blue Dreams USA!

Thoughtful Gifts

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BDR-PR - Three Dozen Roses - Blue Dreams USA Boutique
BDR-PR - Three Dozen Roses

Preserved Roses

$ 189.95