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Lavender, Roses,Tea, Thoughtful Gifts & Fashion Accessories

Blue Dreams USA Boutique is a specialty store of Blue Dreams USA, an agri-tourism farm located in Frederick, Maryland owned by husband and wife, Jeff and Imelda.  It is the first of its kind lavender, roses and tea farm in the country offering exclusively designs artisan products you won't find anywhere else.

Our specialty online store brings you the value-added products from lavender, roses, tea and thoughtful gifts inspired by nature. The products we personally designed and created were inspired by things we see in and around our farm. From the tea we drink, to the bath and body products we put in our skin, to the colorful amazing roses and nature that inspire our daily living, our boutique showcases nature, lavender, roses and tea at their finest. 

Our farm inspired us to expand our artisan and nature-inspired products including exclusively designed fashion accessories by Imelda Roberts.  

The following showcases why we were charmed by these three amazing plants.

Blue Dreams USA Lavender - Known as "Blue Gold," we bring you value-added products derived from lavender. Our Massage by Nature Collection lets you experience the authentic scents and feel of lavender on your skin.  We also have other products for you to experience and see for yourself what lavender offers. From aromatherapy, culinary, to home designs, lavenders provide value-added products that are amazingly good for your body and soul. It's no wonder why lavender is known as the "Blue Gold of Provence," the roots of lavender since ancient times.

Blue Dreams USA Roses -  The Queen of Flowers is undoubtedly also the most popular and the most beloved flower in the world.  Roses are among the first flowers Jeff planted in our farm to give to his wife, Imelda, who dearly loves roses. Today, Blue Dreams USA has several rose gardens as a tribute to this amazing flower. In addition to bath and body products derived from roses, you will be amazed by the colors and variety of preserved roses we offer in our online boutique. 

Blue Dreams USA Tea - Tea, "the most consumed beverage in the world next to water," certainly occupies a great place at Blue Dreams USA.  It is our favorite drink as it offers a variety of blends and it considered a true healthy drink.  At Blue Dreams USA Boutique, we offer organic blends of gourmet tea in loose leaf and crystal forms. With our special blends that include lavender and rose flavors you will pleasure in every sip.

Blue Dreams USA Thoughtful Gifts - Nature, lavender, roses and tea have given us so much inspiration as captured in our Thoughtful Expressions of Nature Collection.  Our thoughtful gifts celebrate the beauty of these living elements. These products include our unique copyrighted exclusive designs hand painted tea sets, special hand blown glass, preserved rose floral arrangements and more.  Browse through our boutique for gifts thoughtfully crafted for you and a special someone in your life.

Blue Dreams USA Fashion Accessories

We are pleased to offer designer fashion accessories by Imelda Roberts. This nature-inspired collections are unique and beyond chic bringing the meaningful story behind each design. 

Please explore BlueDreamsUSABoutique.com or visit our corporate website at www.bluedreamsusa.com for more information about us. 

We thank you for visiting Blue Dreams USA Boutique.

Jeff & Imelda, Owners
Blue Dreams USA
Frederick, Maryland