BSM-Art Graceful Giraffes Bag Set

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The Graceful Giraffes Bag Set is not just a bag. It's a bagful of arts with versatile functions that includes UV Sterilizer, hand sanitizer, matching gaiter scarf and more!  This versatile satchel bag comes with an extra long removable strap.  You can wear this as a handbag or a shoulder bag.

DESIGNER'S INSPIRATION: Beyond the joyful spirits of flowers in our farm, the juxtaposition of chaos in our world is surreal. With this my unique original designs capture the essence of our time where it felt like a jungle out there.  The Giraffe and the Zebra as symbols of the wild jungle became part of my inspiration. The finished designs reminded me that despite the challenging times, if we focus on something beautiful, amazing results may emerge especially if we work hard towards positive solutions. 

The Graceful Giraffes Love Bag reflects upon the wild.  Known as the "Gentle Giant," it stands as a symbol of foresight, grace and unique individuality.  Imelda Roberts

DESIGNER: Imelda Roberts. The Graceful Giraffes Bag Set is part of her Love Bag Collection.

MATERIAL: The bag is made of high quality vegan leather with high-end metal hardware. 

ACCESSORIES: The UV sterilizer is CE, RoHS FCC certified and it is made of quality material.  It has its own pouch made of thick canvass cloth. The hand sanitizer container is made of vegan leather with a lovely tassel to match the bag. 

OTHER USES: Leave the UV sterilizer at home and you may use the canvas pouch to carry your makeup, lunch, jewelries and more. 



DISTRIBUTED BY: Blue Dreams USA Boutique, Frederick, Maryland

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