BDT-TTM - Tea Set for Two - Maryland In My Mind

Product Description

Happiness and delight are indeed what this teapot set for two can bring in to your table. With welcoming colors of vivid warm yellow and fresh orange, accentuated by the calmness of lavender and uplifted by the beauty of Maryland's State flower, Black-eyed Susan, and State's bird Oriole, all brought to you by my fondness and grateful heart for Maryland. From the design to its colors, every detail of this new bone porcelain is intricately hand-painted which adds personal value to share to your special someone.

 Material: Fine Bone China - Handpainted.  Do not Microwave. Do not Put in Dishwasher

Measurement: 19.2 x 11.5 x 18.5cm 


$ 69.95 $ 89.95

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