Blue Dreams USA Boutique Opens Online Store


Let our brands tell the story. We invite you to browse our exclusive collection.  Learn the story behind our lovingly handmade and natural products!

Blue Dreams USA Brands

Finally!  After more than a year of planning, product design and development we are proud to share our passion to all of you through our select products showcasing the scents of lavenders, vibrant colors of roses, and the fresh healthy taste of high quality tea. We are excited to launch our online store,, in time for holiday shopping.  It is a perfect time bringing in the spirit of new, fresh and hearty products exclusively available through Blue Dreams USA.  

Our love for nature, natural bath and body products and healthy drink such as teas, along with our fascination for lavenders, roses and tea has made our dream and vision come true, From the drink we drink to the body products we put in our skin, our thoughtful selection of products honor what nature can bring.  

We are proud to say that the majority of the products we sell are exclusively designed by us.  We have also searched the world to find appropriate products aligned with our mission of bringing authentic, artisan quality lavender, roses and tea products.  We partnered with other farms and other companies to bring safe, organic, and healthy ingredients for our bath and body products, tea blends and more!

Our Thoughtful Gifts are our "Thoughtful Expressions of Nature" and our way of honoring Mother Earth captured in arts - handmade, hand-painted, hand-blown, nature-inspired!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing from you.


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