BSM-Art Wear By Imelda Roberts - Kickstarter Campaign 100% Funded


We are excited to share updates on our project, BSM-Art Wear. First, we are 100% funded in less than a week. This means we met our minimum target and this provides us more time to grow our network of friends and backers for this project. We are thankful for our early backers who made this happen. 

The project was also featured in our local newspaper, Frederick News Post (both online and printed newspaper).  The news about the project also appeared in several national online newspapers and other social media.  Links to some of these news clips are shown at the bottom. 

Our campaign continues.  We hope you will consider being one of my backers in this creative journey.  Bring this project to full life... 

Three ways to support my Kickstarter (KS) Campaign:

) Please continue to share the link to your friends and family.

2) Sign up and be my backer at KS.  Pledge without rewards just because the project speaks to you. KS welcomes this type of pledge.  To thank you for your support, you can get a Blue Dreams USA Membership Card.  This give you 10% member's discount on all future purchases in our online store and farm boutique.

3) Be a backer and get rewards.  Don't miss discounted rewards for being one of our backers at Kickstarter. Share Faith, Love & Hope through Imelda Roberts Signature Collections.

We excited to share these updates about BSM-Art Wear, Imelda Roberts first ever signature fashion accessories collection. We hope you like them.

Here's a quick video in YouTube showcasing the collection.

Link to  Frederick News Post Article

Link to Fil-Am News About the Project

Kickstarter Video Link

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